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Red hat + green stripes

I spent my day off making this gal. Another nissepige (pixie girl). She’s actually been a work in progress for a wee while, but now she’s almost finished. She still needs some hair. Right now I think her head looks too small, but hopefully the hair will help balance that. Strangely enough (or maybe not so strange?) I’m considering giving her Leia type buns. We shall see…

I really, really love her legs. That stripy green fabric is just one of my favourites. Her arms can move, you can’t see them in any of the pictures, but I’ve attached them with some buttons. First time I’ve done that, and I think next time I’d be better off using slightly thicker thread than just regular sewing thread. I keep thinking it’s going to snap.

Anyway, she’s cute as cute can be. At least I think so. She’s the biggest softie/doll I’ve made so far and it’s quite fun to make something on a larger scale. I’ve used some new stuffing for her as well, which feels heavier than what I’ve used before, so there’s a nice weight to her. I wish I had time so I could make a couple more, one for my mum and one for my sister!

And speaking of my sister! Just about now she and her hubby should be landing in Denmark. They’ve not been there for over a year! I so, so can’t wait ’till Monday when we go over there too. I really sometimes have to stop myself from thinking about it or I’ll go mad with anticipation. Oh, I can’t wait to see them all. I do miss my family an awful lot!


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