Flowers for you

So… the last few days I’ve been moderately (let’s not exaggerate, right?) busy crocheting with every colour I have in my possession. There’s a steady pile of the blooms already and I’ve started making them into brooches. And that is a time consuming process (or maybe I’m just really slow..), because I’m not happy with just tacking the brooch pin on with a few stitches.

Oh no, it is an elaborate affair involving several pieces of felt and many, many stitches. Too many, perhaps. But I like it to look pretty, even if it is only the back and rarely seen, and I want to make absolutely sure it won’t come apart. I like to think of the tailor in The Hudsucker Proxy who makes extra stitches in Mussburger’s trousers as an example of solid work. It’s not necessarily something you can see and you might not even know about it at all. But you know it’s there, so be it if it takes a bit longer to make.

The two at the top will be on Etsy soon. Of course, if you’ve fallen in love with any of them, let me know and we can work something out. ;-) Oh and, speaking of the shop, I made a banner for it, let me know what you think, if you don’t mind.

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