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The 'was' that was

Oh bother! Blogger seems unwilling to upload pictures today, so I’m going to have to skip today’s MugShot. Bah!

In stead I’ll share with you why I think drawing is sometimes better than taking photos (and you know I love to take photos, right?!).

You see, to draw something you have to look at it. Not just notice its presence, but really look at it. If you don’t look at every line and curve and corner you can’t draw a picture of that specific Chair (or whatever), in stead your drawing will be a generic chair. But the benefits of looking closely, concentrating, are not confined to simply being able to draw a Chair. Oh no. Because the drawing will somehow record the moment for you.

For example, the drawings I did at the Tut exhibition will help me remember it a lot better than any photo could (had they been allowed). The drawing I did of a model boat fragment: I remember how that boat was displayed in a big glass case in the middle of the gallery, the walls were a dark red, there was an elderly couple (she was in a wheel chair and they almost ran me over!). There was a girl who looked over my shoulder, but didn’t say anything.

And the other drawing on that same page, a detail from a chest. It’s a symbol that is composed of two other hieroglyphs, the ‘ankh‘ and the ‘was‘. In this case, the interesting thing (for me anyway!) is that later I recognised the ‘was’ hieroglyph on another object! I would never have noticed it there if I hadn’t done that drawing of it.

Right, I’m off to watch Project Runway.

PS. Thank you for your comments so far. Keep ’em coming! :-)


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