Tine's blanket

Hooray! I can finally show you the blanket I made for Tine; she received it the other day. And she likes it! Yay! I’m so happy about that!

Right, ok, so the blanket is basically a giant granny squares like I’ve made a few of before. But because the blanket is only one colour, I decided to do a few rows a bit differently, just to add a bit of subtle contrast.
And I think that worked really well. It gives it a more… modern look. It’s funny, I don’t think I would have chosen to just use a single colour (let alone cream, which is so un-colourful), but it works! I really, really love it. Which is a wonderful thing, because it has taught me that not everything has to be bold colours. ;-)

And I didn’t get bored working on it at all. In fact, it may have worked up even quicker than normal because there were no colour changes; when one skein was finished I’d just grab the next one and continue.

And sometimes, while working on it, the sun would hit it just so and it would make me think of very fine china. Pretty and delicate.

Danke, Tine. Thank you for asking me to make a blanket for your wee one. I’m so happy you like it, my friend. :-)

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