Minor dress alteration

It’s just an itty-bitty thing… like changing the colour, which means starting over! And it’s ALL my mum’s fault! She wasn’t completely happy with the drape of the red fabric and wanted to change it. And then I told her that I really wanted to change the colour. When I originally had to decide on a colour, I couldn’t make up my mind between red and blue, and Tony said “oh… just pick red”. So I did. And I would have been happy with that too. But deep down I did want the blue after all. But then we had already bought the red fabric and I didn’t want to freak out my mum! But then I got the chance to change it and I totally ran with it! And it all worked out beautifully in the end.

This trip to Denmark was originally just going to be final adjustments, but all of a sudden my mum had to make almost a complete dress in a day and a half. Fortunately, the red dress was fitted so “all” she had to do was take that apart and use it as a pattern. But she did it. The dress is virtually finished. How cool is that?

The only sad thing about not having the red dress is that the fabric had a nice rustle sound to it. But I guess I can live without that. ;-)

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