More glitz, less life

These are all my BoligLiv magazines. A Danish magazine which I’ve been subscribing to on and off for the past couple of years. When I first started reading it, it was really good. It had lots of inspiring articles and recipes for things to do and make. The ‘Liv’ (life/living) part of the name. The ‘Bolig’ (house/home) part was also lovely, showing homes which felt like normal people’s homes and not some only for people who are so loaded that they can afford to live in, say, London, but also have a stunning house in France with a spectacular view.

The magazine doesn’t feel like that anymore. Now it seems like it’s more about the glitzy homes of people with all designer furniture and not a drop of personality. In other words, it’s become like most other home dec magazine. Boring and samey-samey. There’s not much life left. The things to make and do seem far and few between and more like filler or an afterthought.

Such a shame. Whenever we go to Denmark I used to look forward to getting MY magazine. Now I feel like, meh, whateva, maybe I’ll get it airport if I’m desperate for reading matter. Bet Tony will be happy at the prospect of me hauling less magazines home with me. ;-)

So. This morning I was doing something I didn’t think I’d do with these magazines. Cut them up. Or rather, look through them and decide which ones to keep and which ones to cut a few pretty pictures from. And them toss the ones that don’t (or rather do, ha ha!) make the cut. Unsuprisingly, it is the older issues that have lasting power.

Why DO magazines lose their freshness? Do the people writing/editing them just get bored? Or replaced? Another Danish magazine which started out really good comes to mind, Boligmagasinet. It was great at the beginning. I don’t think it was actually in normal distribution at the outset, you could only get it in IKEA! Now it’s just boring to me…

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