All pink and girly like!

I didn’t show you this already, did I? I made a pillow, “mattres” (how DO you spell that word? I’ve tried three different variations and they all look wrong..!) and a blanket for this cot at Tony’s parents’ house. It used to be his sister’s, but now Niece plays with it. It didn’t have any bedding before, so Tony’s mum asked me if I’d make something. Of Course I Will!! He he.

The mattres (sp. ?!), which you can juuust make out in the top photo, is just plain cotton fabric for front and back with two layers cut from an old t-shirt in between. Quick, simple and partially recycled.

It’s the same sort of principle for the pillow, only with a few more layers of t-shirt. And a crochet edge. Can’t forget about that edge. Took me longer to do that than all the rest of the sewing combined! But I think it was worth it, ties it all nicely together.

Oh, look! Someone is already sleeping in there! Snug as a bug under the ripple blanket. I really, really do like ripple blankets. I did a pink edge all around it to make it all neat, and to make the top and bottom edges straight instead of curvy.

I like making stuff. :-)

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