Sewing for hooks

Look, Nicky! I finally made something with the things you sent! What do you think? It is a new case/bag for my crochet hooks. Better than that plastic, made in China, crap one I had until today.

I think you will recognise the things you sent me? But just in case: the zip, some of the fabric in the ‘patchwork’ and the lining.

It was also an opportunity to try out a new zipper technique for small bags / pouches like this. But more about that when I’ve ‘perfected’ it. ;-)

I just want to say sorry if you are waiting for an email or something from me. Since Sunday and Monday (especially) were computer free days, I have a wee bit of a bottle neck going on. The bottle neck being me and my procrastinating ways. But I am slowly getting it all done. Slowly being the operative word. We’re going to Denmark at the end of next month (for my birthday, yay!) and I’ve got a few projects that have to be done by then. Secret projects that I can’t possibly talk about. Har, har.

Anyway, I am also working on that eraser stamp carving tutorial + a translation of the crochet bicycle seat cover pattern that I posted about a little while ago. So, yes. Emails etc will come, they will just be a bit slow.

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