The slow bag

I started making this bag… a loooong time ago. So long, I can’t even remember when. I suppose I could dig through the archives, but seriously, I’ve got better things to waste my time on. Anyway, this bag is for my mum. She liked the one I’ve made for myself (the one I actually finished back then). And all her bag needed was the handles and sewing the inside and outside together. A 20 minute job at most, and yet the bag lay un-assembled in a box for ages.

But it is done now (notice the gocco’ed label? yay!), folded together and put in the bag with things to take to Denmark. One thing I am very organised about is our trips to Denmark. Weeks in advance there will be a bag or box for things to bring. And several lists: things to bring, things to do before going, things to do while there, things to buy overthere. You see, our time there is usually quite limited so it is important to get the most out of it! And what if I/we forgot to do/etc something!? No. Better to have a list! ;-)

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