Beautiful book

I don’t know about your library, but the book sale they have at our one is usually not that great. But on Saturday I did get a good little selection. A couple of paperbacks, a travel guide to Tuscany (not that we have any plans on going there in the near future, but you know, just in case..) and this beauty. And it is a beauty.

I literally gasped when I saw it on the shelf among the other books. Because I have borrowed it from the library in the past – when they had just got it and it was on the ‘new books’ shelf. And that wasn’t that long ago, couple of years maybe, so why they were getting rid of it is beyond me!

Anyway, it is called An Edwardian Lady’s Flower Album and it is simply that. Watercolours of flowers and other growing things done by Agnes Katherine Landale in 1913. It is a calendar of sorts, there is a flower for each day of each month. And there are also poems mixed in.

Every page is colourful and beautiful and the details are amazing. If you love flowers or watercolours, or both, I really think you should get this book. Even if you can’t get it at bargain price at the library like me.


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