Granny squares day 21-28

Well, I’ve not been able to keep up to date with the granny squares over the past week, so here are 8 in one go. I have secretly been making way many lots more than just ONE a day, so there are lots to show you in the coming week(s), despite the fact that I am on a self-imposed BAN from crochet. I have an inflamed joint in my left thumb and crocheting probably isn’t terribly helpful in the healing process.

So I guess it is good that I am ahead of myself with the grannies. It’s like being back in school; I would work ahead on certain subjects if they caught my interest (=obsession). Like Latin. Who spends a good part of her summer holiday learning the Latin noun and verb inflections by heart, anyway? Me, that’s who. Served me well in the end, got a pretty darn good grade in Latin – not that I have any use for that now. Ha!

Anyway, time to get temporarily obsessed with embroidery again. I have several new patterns in the works. And they are nothing like the Happyscape one… ;-)

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