Crochet tutorial – Lipbalm holder

I need my lipbalm close to me at all times. Also when I’m on a plane. Especially when I’m on a plane! But sometimes I forget to put it in my pocket and then poor Tony has to get up and rummage through the carry on bags to find it for me. He’s tall, rummaging through stuff in the overhead locker is his job, obviously!

And even if I do remember to put it in my pocket, that is no guarantee that it is easily accesible if you’re wearing your seatbelt. And it’s not such a good idea to have it in a pocket, so close to your body heat.

Well. I have solved my airplane related lipbalm problem and made a crochet holder/necklace type thing. I thought maybe you could use it too, so there’s a pattern for it below. It is really easy and a good little project for using up scraps of yarn.

(I made my holder with a size 2.5 mm crochet hook and yarn that requires a 3.0 mm hook to get a tight ‘fabric’)

1. Make a magic ring like in June’s tutorial, making 6 sc in the ring, join with ss.
2. Ch 2, make 1 sc in same stitch, then 2 sc in each of the remaining stitches, join with ss.
3. Ch 2, make 1 sc in same stitch; repeat [ 2sc, 1 sc, 1 sc] until you have gone all the way around, join with ss.
4. Ch 2, 1 sc in each stitch, join with ss. Repeat this round until the holder is as tall as your lipbalm.
5, When you join in the last round, don’t bind off, but starting making a chain in the appropriate lenght, join on the opposite side of the opening of the holder and then make one sc in each chain going back, join at the start of the chain. Bind off. And you’re done!

Depending on the width of your lipbalm and what size yarn you use, you may have to adjust the number of stitches and such. But is easy to experiment with… :-)

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