Stitching makes me happy

My latest embroidery. It may not look as random as recent ones, but actually it is. I only had the vaguest idea of what I wanted to do before I started it.

I guess you could say that it just sort of made itself, I just happened to be doing the work.

Inspired by Mexican embroidery but without any specific reference. It’s a sort of ‘tree of life’ image, I guess. I also see some Scandinavian influences…

As I mentioned yesterday, I want to get better at satin stitch so I incorporated ‘circles’ of that in some places. They are more like oblongs because I can’t seem to get them “just right”. I find it difficult to get them completely even. Hopefully, with practice, I’ll get better at it.

I love this. I am willing to overlook its flaws and wonkiness and just love it. I think this deserves to be put in a frame/hoop and hung on the wall. This one is NOT for the drawer where embroidered pieces go to be forgotten… ;-)


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