Thank you

I love the flowers on our little teeny tiny balcony – which is more like a ledge with bars in front. These smell so lovely, especially on a hot day.. very sweet. I think they are called Penstemon.

And how about my tomatoes!? It is growing like mad and I can’t wait to eat tomatoes that I grew myself. Imagine that you can do that on teeny tiny ledge! :-)

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for all the comments about the Tree of Life embroidery. I am really happy that you like it, so that means a lot. And very grateful to those of you who have bought the pattern. I would really love to see what you make with it!

I want to make more patterns, and several are underway. It’s funny, I sometimes go months at a time where I don’t do any embroidery, mostly because I think “Oh it takes forever to embroider something, why don’t I do some crochet instead!” And that’s just silly. Embroidery isn’t that time consuming; and even if it were, it would be time well spent. So, no more silly excuses, I am going to do more embroidery!

And I am going to do a series of posts of embroidery stitches. I already have some ideas for this and I’ll tell you all about that very soon.

For now, thank you so much!


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