Happyscape winners!

Sorry I didn’t post about the winners of the Happyscape embroidery pattern yesterday. I was just absolutely exhausted – been doing too much lately! Too many ideas, too many patterns, not enough chocolate!

Anyway! The new pattern now has a name! Happyscape Tropical Island. Noone suggested exactly that combination, but there were a few with island or tropical. The name popped into my head after reading Kelly‘s comment, so one pattern goes to her, and another one goes, completely randomly, to Karin. Congratulations, ladies! Congratulations to all of you for making so many wonderful suggestions!

And thank you, all, for supporting my patterns in one way or the other. That is really unexpected and very, very muchly appreciated.

The new pattern is, of course, available in both the Artfire and Etsy shop (more in Artfire). Buy this pattern with any other pattern this week (July 7 – 12) and the cheapest one will be ½ price. :-)


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