Flowers on glass

This was made on my hen afternoon. My friends abducted me, with the co-operation of my parents (!) and after a picnic overlooking a field we went to the studio of this glass artist where we spent a couple of hours making this large bowl/plate. It was a lot of fun, but not in the ha-ha kind of way. More in the ‘wow this is cool, better get the most out of it’ way so I was pretty quiet and very concentrated about getting the most out of it.

The others let me sketch out a design and then we just went to town with powdered glass and ‘ink’. The funny thing is, the colours of the powder were a lot different than the finished result so I had no idea how it had turned out until my friends gave it to use on our wedding day. I reckon it’s a real beauty! We did a good job that afternoon. And it’s an afternoon I won’t forget.

Then later we had a BBQ at one friend’s house – my parents had entertained Tony and they brought him round for the BBQ too. Nice food, nice conversation, even a bit of crochet.

* * *

I apologise to those who have emailed me recently (thank you!), I will reply very soon, but this week I am intent on getting our wedding and honeymoon albums done (finally!), so I may be a bit slow to reply. I think a focused effort is what is needed to get those albums done, even if it does mean putting other things aside. Even making more embroidery patterns!

Right, back I go to fine-tuning photos… :-)


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