Happy mis-match

Remember all those pillowcases I got in the bargain bin in IKEA a little while ago? I’ve put them to use now! Along with some other bargain corner finds + some thrifted fabric and some that were given to me. There are 2 or 3 that I have bought from a fabric shop.

All these fabrics are completely mis-matched but I think they go very well together anyway. Even the ones that were given to me and that I don’t really fancy so much. I guess all fabrics find their use eventually, eh? ;-)

I still need to back it – there won’t be a middle layer because I want it to be as light as possible. I am hoping to find some suitable thrifted fabric when we go to Denmark. Charity shops in Denmark are way better than overhere. Only a little over a week until we go overthere – can’t wait! :-)


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