The big purge – take one

Look at all this stuff. It’s my stuff. It’s been in my parents’ loft for the past 4 years. This is just some of it, actually. But sorting through it, we’re taking baby steps. Well, I am. Not letting anyone else sort it, because how will they know what is treasure and what is kind of treasure? ;-)

Most of it is books. I love books and it is really difficult for me to get rid of books. But looking at all the books I in these boxes and considering that I haven’t missed (most of) them in the past fours without them… well, I guess it is time to let go of some of them. Even some that I really love. Because you can’t keep everything forever. Can you?

So the books have been sorted: books to keep – including my collection of very old books, most of which are over 100 years old! books to try and sell and books that my parents can dispose off how they see fit.

Why is it difficult to let go off things? Is it the thought of all the money ‘wasted’? Why do we get emotionally attached to Stuff? I have moved home many times and everytime there’s all this stuff that i have to move around too. Some of it I can definitely (proven fact!) live without. I find it kind of difficult to deal with my two conflicting feelings about stuff: I want stuff: pretty things and books and maybe a few cds; and how about some pretty bowls or cushion covers. Etc. And I also know that I don’t need most of that and I really like my surroundings to be as calm and simple as possible…

How about you? How do you deal with Stuff?


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