Pencil case with Little Red

Well, since my sister’s birthday has passed I can show you this. Ta-Da! It’s a pencil case. With my Red Ridinghood gocco print. My sister studies to become…uhh.. I’m actually not quite sure, but it’s something with animals. Vet, lion tamer… anyway, I didn’t even know that she needed a pencil case, but she did. She told me when she got the present. Previously, she’s been using a chocolate box. A timely present, then, eh? Yes, my family is a bit strange. ;-)

The lining fabric was actually a present from my sister, a couple of years ago. Isn’t it nice when things come together like that?

I may make a couple of similar cases for the shop… although, really it would be nicer to make them to order, feels more personal. You know?


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