Lefthanded Small Stitches

Good news, everybody! Hooray! I have finally got my act together and finished the ‘leftie’ version of the Small Stitches ebook. It is available now in the shop.

It is essentially the same book as the ‘rightie‘ one. But all the instruction photos are reversed so they should match what you see when you are working on the stitches. The feedback I’ve had on this version of the book (from a southpaw) has been very positive, so I hope this book will be useful for lefthanded embroiderers.

Sister Diane of Craftypod kindly did a review (thank you!) of the book when I had first released it (into the wild). I completely forgot to mention it here, because it was while we were on holiday in Denmark. So if you’d like to read the review of the book (before you buy it, he he ;-) ) head on over to Craftypod.


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