Ahh Gocco.. so many possibilities, so little actual exploring of those possibilities. So I have made a decision. It’s a little sad, but there we go. I am going to sell it. Someone out there in the world must be able to put it to better use than me (currently sitting in its box under my desk).

Before I put it up on Etsy I thought I’d offer it to you guys first. It is £145/US$240/EURO160 + postage (I am not completely sure how much that will be yet).

Goodness, that was quick – Gocco has already found a new owner. :-)

It is used (though only a little, d’oh!), but in perfect condition. It comes with all the original stuff: box, a number of booklets (in Japanese), a video tape which I have never opened. Cleaning ‘gel’, drying rack, blue filter, carbon pen, ink blocking, batteries (slightly used).

In the original set you get 4 bulbs but obviosuly I’ve used those, but there’s 6 left in a pack of 10 that I bought. So there’s 6 bulbs, 2 screens for fabric printing and 4 screens for paper printing. Normally, there are only 2 paper screens in a set and no fabric screens.

These are the inks I have – all for paper. You should be able to tell how much is left approximately of each tube of ink. Red – light green – gold (barely used) – black (also barely used) – pale yellow – darker green – orange – blue – light pink and blue. (the last 3 don’t have their little boxes anymore).

In an original set you only get 3 colours of ink, red, black and gold – so I reckon this is pretty good! ;-)

The light pink and blue in the bottom of the above image are both really dry, but you may be able to revive them to use them. I have used some of them mixed with other colours.

Please email me if you are interested: binaryflower AT gmail DOT com


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