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I forgot to show you, I got my little book, Inside & Outside, a couple of weeks ago. Love. It. It is sooo cool to look at your own pictures in book form. I can highly recommend using Blurb to make your own books/photo albums.

Because it takes up a lot less space than regular albums and if you lose it, all isn’t lost, you can just order another copy! And they would make pretty great gifts, I reckon.

This is one of my favourite spreads in the book. Technically, I guess you’d say that the photos All Wrong. First of all, they are taken from a car, on a cloudy day with the wrong settings on the camera etc etc. But I so love the etheral, dream-like feel of these photos. Hooray for happy ‘mistakes’!

Some people find that Blurb books take a while to arrive, but I think both the times I’ve ordered books from them, I’ve received them within or just over a week after ordering. Not bad, I think!

I have decided that I am going to make sure I take more photos of us, of the everyday and on holiday and all sorts. And then after each year make a book. As nice as it is to look at pictures on the computer, there is certainly something to be said for flicking through pages of memories…

Another favourite photo (the one on the left). It’s from my hometown in Denmark. They put up this ‘canopy’ of lights in the High Street and it just looks lovely. Even when there’s no snow, you can’t help feeling a bit of Christmas cheer when you see that. Shame I won’t be seeing it in person this year…


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