Autumn walk

We’ve had a bit of a storm here today so it was lucky that we went for a autumn leaf walk yesterday, because I suspect not many leaves are still left! We went to a place near here called Chafford Gorges. Really pretty.
It was sunny, but a bit cold. There were lots of people at the Gorges. Many with dogs. Super cute dogs!
We saw a heron in flight but didn’t make it over to the spot where they are supposed to hang out. We’ll come back another day!
I think it was following us..
These guys were pretty big and they kept following us. Maybe because they thouught we had some food for them. Maybe because they wanted to bite us. Not sure which. Did I mention they were big?
Blurred vista
You and I
My husband is a good sport..!
My husband is a good sport.. ♥

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