Reminder and fabric

Some of my fabrics on Spoonflower

It’s snowing! Hooray! I love snow. :-)

I just wanted to remind you that today is the last day to take advantage of the 10% off code in the Polka & Bloom Artfire shop. Here’s that code again: POLKAXMAS10 – today is also the last day for those of you who got the special newsletter code!

In both cases, if the discounted amount isn’t sent on to Paypal, but the code has been applied, I will of course refund the difference. You don’t have to do nuthin’, just sit back and relax. ;-)

My fabrics on Spoonflower

And now for something completely different: if you’ve been dreaming of giving Spoonflower a try, either with your own designs or by ordering someone else’s, now is the time to strike! This week (until Friday) you can buy a fat quarter of quilting weight for $5.50 instead of the normal $11.00 – sure, it’s still a bit pricier than your normal fat quarter, but this is custom designs, baby! {Read the Spoonflower blog post}

If you fancy checking out my designs, you can find them right here. Some of them are in collections, like Happyscape and Wonky and Happy.

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