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Hey! We’re back home! Which is great – but also kinda sad, because now I miss my parents and Denmark and stuff. I’ve got a whole lot of pictures I want to share with you!

But first! You must head over to CraftyPod, because all this week Sister Diane has been showing cool ways of presenting ebooks in a more tangible form. Perfect for gifting! You may recognise my embroidery ebook up there, which she used in the project on Monday. (Thank you, Diane!)

You really gotta go check it out! Whether you’re buying an ebook for yourself or for someone else. Of course, buying an ebook doesn’t mean that you should print it off in a dozen copies to share with your crafty peeps.. that’s not really the done thing..

If you fancy getting your hands on one of my ebooks you can do so in the shop now.

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