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Oh colour, colour, colour… how much do I love it?! A lot, I tell ya! To be honest, I should be working on stuff for the Colour class right now.. but I got distracted! Curse you, Google Reader!

Then I figured I might as well just post this wee reminder that the class starts on Monday, so if you meant to sign up for it, there’s still time. I would looove to have you join! I love colour and I’d love you to love it too.

Hmmm… a bit too much? A bit too lovey-dovey? ;-) I do mean it, though!

At the end of the class you should have a good knowledge of colour theory AND a whole bunch of colour palettes to use in your work. And yes, there will be a few embroidery patterns too. ;-)

Sign up for the Colour class right here.

Colour with Polka & Bloom

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