Mending me, mending orchid

Orchid + crochet

Hey peeps. Wow, this has been a slow week. Like glacier slow. First Tony got ill at the beginning of last week, then around Tuesday I got it too. Since Wednesday the most I’ve had the energy to do was change the channel on the telly.

I live in my head a lot. Thinking up projects. Making plans. You know. But the last week it felt like my brain was enveloped in a thick grey fog. Not much thinking going on, I tell ya! ;-)

Not much of anything, really, going on. Usually I have a ToDo list. Had to give that up. It was kind of liberating. For a while. But I realised that nothing will ever get done if I don’t have a list. I live too much in that head of mine. The lists keep me anchored to the things that need doing.

It was nice to just let go for a few days. And the world didn’t end because of it.

Thankful that I’m starting to feel like myself again. The fog is lifting.


I won’t make a list for tomorrow.

Orchid + crochet

Do you like my vase? Can you tell that it is actually a small spice jar? I made a little crochet cozy for it, mainly because I couldn’t be bothered to remove the label. Sometimes those labels are just stuck on too well!
The orchid broke off the top of one I bought last week. I’m hoping it will make a root so I can plant it. I’m pretty terrible with keeping plants alive – but there’s always hope, eh?
Crochet + glass

PS: Happy Int’l Women’s Day! :-)

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