Nicer photos – Tip #1

I love taking pictures. Maybe you do too? Maybe you want to love it, but can’t quite get things just so..? I get that, you’re not born with a camera in your hands. It takes literally hundreds (if you’re really lucky), if not thousands (if you’re a regular camera wielding person) of photos to figure out what works. In general, and in particular for you. We all have different styles and tastes, right?

I’m far from a pro photographer, but I am that regular camera wielding person (just like you!) who has taken thousands of photos and found some techniques that work for me.. :-)

I thought I’d share a few tips that could make your photos better. This will be a sort of series!

Yellow tulips

The first tip is this: move around your subject. Taking pictures of a vase of tulips? Don’t just shoot those tulips straight on as in the photo above. Sure, yes, that photo says ‘vase with tulips’, but there is more to it than that.

Every photo tells a story. The way you photograph your subject helps tell that story.

Yellow tulips

Here I have taken the photo a bit closer to the flowers. The focus is less on the whole bouquet and more on a section. And also focusing on the stems, not just the pretty flowers. Sometimes a ‘lesser’ feature of your subject can tell a whole story in itself.

Yellow tulip closeup

Get up close with your subject. This is especially effective with flowers. Or embroidery! If your camera has a ‘macro’ setting, use it, play with it, experiment! Most cameras have a macro setting these days, its symbol is a little flower. Very fitting!

Bonus tip: take lots of shots for every picture you want to blog – upload to Flickr – use in your shop. There are two reasons for this: an unexpected angle could be the one that shows the subject at its very best. And try to take two shots of each angle because the slightest movement can make a photo blurry, even in/exhaling or our heart beats!

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  1. March 17, 2011 / 3:05 am

    Great tips Carina, and I love your new header!

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