My cameras

My cameras

Since a few of you asked what camera I got, I thought I’d show ya! Finally.. Something so simple and it’s taken me so long.. Oh well.

Anyway, on the left you see my new camera. I call it The Beast, because it is pretty big compared to the old one on the right. And I took the picture with my phone, so delightfully meta.. ;-)

So, The Beast’s actual name is Sony a390. It’s not a top-top DSLR and it’s not the fanciest of camera brands. But where I am with my photo skills and needs, is awesome. I like it. A lot. It can both be like a point and shoot and more advanced.

The old camera, a Fuji – sorry I forget which model exactly – is a so-called bridge camera. It is a bit more advanced than a point and shoot, but it’s not a proper DSLR. It’s not a bad camera, in my opinion. Until November last year I had been using this camera for all my blog photos etc.

So that’s that!

What camera do you use? And what do you like/dislike about it?

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