Tidy tapes

Tidy tapes

Happy Monday! Happy April! Wow… April, huh? I’m not sure what happened to March!

Is it silly to get excited about a glass jar? Because I am really, really excited about that glass jar in the picture. None of the tubs or boxes or jars or whatever, which we already had, were a suitable receptacle for all my pretty tapes. Why hide pretty things away, right? So my kinda ok solution until this morning has been to stack them all. It looked ok. Ish.

But the jar is at least a million times prettier, don’t you think? And it was cheap! Only problem is that it is already full now, so I can’t buy any more tape until there is room. Or, I guess, I could buy the larger size…

I am a bit of an untidy person, but I actually do like things to look all nice and neat and pretty.

What about you? Are you the tidy sort? Or a bit of a mess like me? ;-)

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