Did you miss any of the Celebration give aways?

Cap Gris-Nez, France

The sun is out, hooray! The sheep are not related to this post…

If you’re wondering what’s the deal with all these give aways, well this is it: at the end of April it was my birthday, and next week it’s the blog’s 5 year anniversary. So I invited a few of my favourite crafty and bloggy people to help me celebrate. And that’s why I’m doing all these give aways, all with prizes sponsored by those generous folks. Thank you, guys!

So far, there’s been give aways from the following people (and more to follow this week):
Campfire Chic – embroidery pattern
Painted Fish Studio – 3 sets of delicious cards
Jezze Prints – 2 metres of (gorgeous!) hand printed ribbon/tape
Follow the White Bunny – gift certificate for emrboidery patterns
Me!/Polka & Bloom – gift certificate for embroidery patterns and ebooks
Aimee Ray/little dear – set of hand embroidered pieces
PlanetJune – gift certificate for crochet patterns and more
Summersville – sketchbook

You can still get in on the action with these give aways – just follow the links above! And stay tuned for the rest of them! :-)

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