Sketchbook love!

New batch of Seawhite sketchbooks

A few years ago, Tony and I went to Tate Britain and I bought a nice sketchbook. It was branded with the Tate logo, but fortunately, it had the manufacturer of the sketchbook on the back. Ever since then I’ve been hooked on the sketchbooks from Seawhite of Brighton. I think I may have mentioned them a couple of times before…

Luckily, they also sell their sketchbooks (and other art supplies) to regular people, through their retail site, Artesaver. Recently, I realised that I was almost done with the last sketchbook, so it was time to order some more. And boy did I ever! I think I’ve probably got enough sketchbooks to keep me going for a couple of years!

Blank sketchbooks make me really (!) excited! Because, indeed, all the possibilities! Drawings, sketches, ideas, watercolours, plans to plot for world domination etc and they all go into those sketchbook pages. And my to-do lists and the odd shopping list. It’s all good. It’s a reflection of me, my life and such.

I know some people don’t like All Those Blank Pages in a new sketchbook, but I do! Do you?

Do you use a sketchbook? What do you use it for? :-)

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