Tree for my jewellery

Bird detail - Jewellery tree

Happy Sunday! :-)

This is my birthday (last month) present from Tony. It’s so cool. And cute. I’ve needed a jewellery tree type thing forever. My necklaces always get completely tangled, and of course I usually only realise it as I’m desperately trying to untangle them 2 minutes before we’re heading out the door…!

Jewellery tree

But most jewellery tree type things are pretty boring/horrible; I really don’t like those hand ones.. kinda creepy! So when I say this PI:P jewellery stand from koziol, it went straight onto my wishlist. It’s so damn cool! And that bird: so cute!

Look, ma! My necklaces aren’t a tangled mess anymore! At least not the ones that have actually made it onto the tree. I’m thinking it’s probably best to keep it fairly minimal and only add the things I’m actually using…

Jewellery tree

It also has a tray for those pieces of jewellery which don’t fit on the ‘branches’. The only bad thing about my tree is that I got it in black (available in several funky colours!), so it looks dusty in 5 seconds after dusting it!

How about you? Are you tangled-mess kinda person too? ;-)

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  1. May 23, 2011 / 9:56 pm

    I desperately need one of these, my necklaces are a mess. This one is super cutesy – i love it!

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