New look ebook + a special offer

Small Stitches - an ebook I wrote.

This is something new. And also something old. It’s a brand new version of Small Stitches – my ebook for beginner embroiderers. It has had a wee bit of a makeover so it looks a bit more like the ‘sequel’, Stitching Borders and Beyond. I even re-shot all the photos. It looks nicer now I think! But the best thing about it is that the section about different materials you need and transferring your design etc is a lot bigger now: more information about the stuff you need to know to start embroidering.

I’ve been meaning to make this updated version of Small Stitches for quite a while and I’m so happy I finally have! I don’t know why I put it off for so long, because this makeover didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would. Go figure!

To celebrate that I finally got over my procrastination, there’s a special offer in the Polka & Bloom shop: buy any ebook product and get 40% off any patterns in the same purchase (buy as many patterns as you fancy) – so it’s perfect if you want to get started with a bit of embroidery over the summer!

PS – both ebooks are available in lefthanded versions too; find them in the ebook section.

PPS – I really have been a busy bee, because there’s also a new pattern in the shop: Midsummer Wreath!

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