Dala Horse Craftalong – looking back

Dalahäst felt broochFront apronP1110804Making a dala horse stamp - TestDala horse plushIMG_2899

Free Printable: Dala Horse StationeryIndex Card 24P1110911Dala HorseColoured Dala horsesChris Kemp dala design

Pics2010 825Index Card 26Inga      P1110809Ch6 - Dahlia HorsePics2010 769

Dala Horse Craftalong 2011, a gallery on Flickr.

I just thought I’d share a few of the Dala Horse creations. Aren’t they cool? If you fancy making your own Dala Horse inspired crafts, feel free to keep adding to the Flickr pool. Although the Craftalong is ‘officially’ over, we still want to see your Dala creativity!

You can click on the thumbnails above to see larger images. And do visit Kathryn’s blog The Pickled Herring for the final round-up!

If you took part in the Dala Horse Craftalong: thank you so much, it’s been really inspiring to see what you made! :-)

Dala Horse Craftalong

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