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Chalk & Cheese - #5 Action pack from

Do you know It’s a blog all about craft in all shapes and forms – one of my daily blog reads for years! And as if a blog wasn’t enough, there’s also a (digital) magazine for kids, 7+, (and their grown-ups) called Action Pack.

It’s really good fun! It’s packed full of activities, recipes and experiments. The newest issue is called ‘Zap + Zest‘ which just sounds like it’s heaps of fun! I recently had a chance to have a read through of the previous issue which was called ‘Chalk & Cheese’ and it’s really great.

It’s written in a very kid-friendly way, but without talking down to ’em. There’s lots of photos and diagrams for the project steps, so they’re easy to follow. For some things, grown-ups will need to be a bit more hands-on than others.

Chalk & Cheese - #5 Action pack from

There’s crafts, games, science and cooking – and fun facts about this and that. Everyone should know how to churn butter, don’t you think? Action Pack shows you how! As well as how to make your own sidewalk chalk – and how to make heartshaped ones too! When you get tired of playing with cornflour slime, you can make your own chalkboards. Make some pancakes or cheese cake tarts. Nice!

If we had kids I’d get every issue of this delightful magazine. I’d say it was for them, but really Id’ be buying it for me… ;-)

You can find ‘Zap + Zest’ plus all the back issues of Action Pack right here.

Chalk & Cheese - #5 Action pack from
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