Embroidery class discount reminder

Printed blooms at the V&A

One of the pictures I took at the V&A. I think the cloth on this dress was made in India.. It’s so pretty!

I just wanted to remind you that the discount on the Christmas Stitches class ends tonight (well, tomorrow morning), so now’s the time to act! Mention “Winter Wonderland” at the Paypal checkout and I’ll send you a $5.00 refund (that’s more than 10% off)

And don’t forget you can get another $5.00 off on top of that if you sign up more than one person at the same time, like a friend or your sister or something. This applies to both/all of you. And there’s no time limit to the ‘join with a friend’ offer! So if you sign up with a friend at any time, you’ll both save $5.00. :-)


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