Pink advent

Adventskrans 2011

First Sunday in Advent. I always look forward to this day in the calendar, because that’s when I decorate for Christmas. Which I love, because I love Christmas. :-)

Only, we store most of our Christmas decorations at Tony’s parents’ house and we’ve not gone round to get them yet, so I’ll have to wait a bit longer to decorate properly!

Adventskrans 2011

But the advent candle holder lives here so it’s out and lit. Just one candle today.

It’s a fairly simple holder so I try to jazz it up a bit. And the good thing about it being simple is that I can take it in any direction.. This year I’ve gone with a pink theme, as you can probably tell!

Adventskrans 2011

And the cone and paper stars for the candle holder are not the only things which have come in the way of my fluorescent pink paint! I’ll show you that later.. :-)

Do you have an advent candle holder too? Do you light one candle each Sunday? Or maybe all of them on the first Sunday?

Adventskrans 2011

Adventskrans 2011

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