Nostalgic shelf


This past weekend we’ve been doing some thorough cleaning (not so fun) and a few projects around the flat (a bit more fun!), like putting up a mirror, some better lights in the living room. Ah, proper lighting, such luxury.

But my favourite thing is this shelf, Amagerhylde in Danish. It used to hang in my (maternal) grandparents’ home. And later on in the flat where my grandfathers lived the last few years. When he passed away last year I got the shelf. No one else wanted it!

The shelf had to wait in Denmark until this Christmas when we went there by car and were able to bring back home. And today we finally put it up! I’m so happy to have this piece in our home.

It’s important to me to have things like this. Tangible memories of family and my history as it were. Memories of Home.

I also kept a few of the knick-knacks on the shelf, but as you can see, in the end I decided to use it to display my collection of Star Wars Pez dispensers. And a few other bits. Pop culture meets nostalgia, I guess! :-)


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