Seen from the train

Sizzers Est. 1935

I went to London the other day. The reason for my visit was a bit of a bust, but hey, it got me out of the house for the day and when you work from home sometimes you need that. Right?! I took a bunch of photos with my phone – so not the best quality. But that’s ok! Sometimes quality isn’t the most important thing about a photo…

I thought that sign up there was fun – the juxtaposition between the ‘cool’ name and Est. 1935. I so hope that it was also called Sizzers in 1935!

Dominos learners
And how hilarious is this row of pizza delivery scooters? 
And they all have a Learner plate on them!!

West Kensington Tube station 

West Kensington Tube station
I love the old overground Tube stations with their wooden and wrought iron details…

Tube seats 

Blurry pattern

Just after Limehouse
Chimney of some sort..? Leftover from some kind of industrial thingie..? Any London locals know?


Hello Tube!
Hey, it’s the Tube!

Hello A13
The A13 on the edge of Rainham Marshes.

Lorries reflected
The A13 on the edge of Rainham Marshes.
On the other side of the trainline I was on runs the Eurostar to France…

Backs of houses 
I like looking into people’s back gardens…

Round triangles

Back gardens
More (tiny) back gardens..

Low on gas

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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