A special day..

Freshly baked breakfast, yum! Present from parents

It’s my birthday! It’s been a really nice and relaxed day, just Tony and me. He baked special Danish rolls for breakfast! And of course I had them with pålægschokolade. And then there were a few very nice presents. The one from my parents wrapped in some really pretty paper! My mum made the card. :-)
Birthday tulips from my sweetie 
We ate out for lunch and Tony bought me flowers. Tulips. He knows just what I like. Tulips may just be the most beautiful flower ever. 
By the way, would you happen to know what type of tulip this is? The flower head is fairly small, bright pink with black-ish stamen (?).. It’s so pretty!

Fødselsdagsboller og Matilde kakaomælk Fødselsdagsbolle
And later there was more special Danish buns (different kind!) – again made by Tony, and Danish chocolate milk which I’ve been saving since we were in Denmark for Christmas! And little Danish flags of course…

Yup, my guy is pretty awesome. He knows I miss Denmark sometimes. Especially at birthdays and Christmas and such. It means so so much that he wants to make things as Danish as possible for me. In fact, sometimes he insists more on it than I do! :-) ♥
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