Stickygram magnets
Use your Instagram photos for a bit of fun – print them as magnets with Stickygram! Now I can fill our fridge with magnets with cloud photos, what more could you want?! ;-)

Unfortunately, the magnets aren’t that strong, but they will hold a small piece of paper. But you can just use them as, well, sticky pictures. For example, to make your very personal travel souvenirs. I think I’m definitely going to use them for that.

The sheet of magnets arrived really quickly – they may even have arrived the day after I ordered them, that’s pretty impressive!

Oh, by the way, use this code to get $2.00 off (a sheet is $14 incl. postage): FRIEND4OC9

There are loads of other ways you can use your Instagram photos, just search for ‘print instagram photos’ or check out this list for starters.

PS I’m polkaandbloom on Instagram – find me or leave a comment with your Instagram name, I’d love to see your photos. :-)

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