Veg Everyday – a book recommendation

Veg Everyday

I got this book for my birthday. It’s pretty great! River Cottage Veg Every Day! Since becoming a vegetarian I’m trying new things so it doesn’t end up being all veg chilli and pasta all the time!

But there are a couple of things which really annoy me about some of the vegetarian cookbooks: there’s a lot of them which are really heavy on the Asian food inspiration – for obvious reasons, I know; there’s a lot of vegetarian foods there anyway. But I don’t like Asian food much.

And the fact that a lot of vegetarian recipes are trying very hard to be exactly like the meat versions, only substituting the meat for something else.

But this book doesn’t do that. Atleast not in my opinion. The vegs are used for their own qualities and a lot of the recipes use ingredients which are readily available and which you already know what are. And that’s a good thing if you ask me. I want to make nice, delicious food – without having to look up the ingredients on Wikipedia! ;-)

Veg Everyday
Oh and the book is pretty too – just look at the end papers!

Veg Everyday Veg Everyday

I’ve tried a few recipes from the book so far and they’ve all be lovely! Especially the Courgette and Rice Filo Pie was delicious. Most of the recipes are pretty straightforward and the ingredients list isn’t a mile long! I find I have most of the dry and canned ingredients already, so no need to fill up the cupboards with more..stuff!.

If you want to eat more vegetables, I think you’ll like this book. It’s not just for vegetarians, you know! :-)

Veg Everyday Veg Everyday

A couple more spreads from the book…

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