Help!! Urgent! Illustrator genius needed!

What's going on with Illustrator?!

Uh.. HELP!

I’m working on the motif files for my book and something really weird has happened to some of them! It’s like elements have become.. I dunno.. like phantom elements. They were there yesterday, all nice and coloured and ready to go. But now.. they’re not there, but they kinda are. What the heck is going on?

See the dots/nodes that the arrows are pointing to? They are supposed to be like that red leafy thing at the top. But they’re not! The stroke has disappeared and it won’t let me reset it! And I can’t even select it, unless I select the whole motif.

I am at wit’s end – on the verge of pulling out my hair! If you have any idea what is going on with these files, please please please get in touch! Email: or leave a comment.

Update: Problem solved! Or at least the reason was found. June figured it out, thank you! :-)

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