Can’t make up my mind!


Happy Sunday! Tony bought me roses when he went shopping this morning – such a sweet surprise! :-) Unfortunately, two of the flowers had lost their heads.. so I had to find alternative ‘vases’ for them. They look quite pretty don’t they? And I don’t have room for actual vases on my desk, but these are small and fit on one of the shelves… :-)

Are you going to the Fat Quarterly Sewing Retreat in London next year? I was planning on going, I heard a lot of great stuff about the retreat this year.

But I’m not sure I will be going because the price for the retreat is a whopping £200. That’s a lot of money to me. Probably to you too! And I live near enough to London that I won’t have the extra costs of plane tickets and hotel. I get that there are many costs involved when arranging a retreat like this and it’s gotta be paid for somehow. Still, £200. It’s a lot.

I would love to meet up with other peeps who are interested in embroidery /sewing /quilting etc, but on the other hand, that money could be used in other ways. I could use it for a payment on my student loan (yeah, fun!). It could pay for fuel for our next trip to Denmark. Or it could be used for spending money in Denmark.

I’m in two minds about this. Use money sensibly or use it for ‘fun’.

Tony says “go if you want to”, because he’s nice like that. Would kinda be easier if he’d said “sorry, petal, we can’t afford it”. Not that he would. And he certainly wouldn’t call me petal. ;-) Nope, it’s up to me to decide. And I’m really bad at making decisions like this!

I could use our general ‘shopping rule’ here: “If in doubt, don’t buy it.” But I’m not sure that applies here, because my dithering isn’t because I don’t want to go. Ugh. Maybe I’ll end up taking so long to decide that the decision will be taken for me because tickets will have sold out by the time I actually make a decision. Oh boy.

Well, it might make my decision easier if I knew of others who were going. Will you be there? Or don’t you know? Maybe you’re having the same trouble deciding as I am?

Currently, there’s 10% off everything in the Polka & Bloom shop on Artfire. No code required.

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