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At #imapiece launch

The main reason for going to London on Tuesday was because Sarah of the Craftivist Collective invited me to take part in the launch of the Craftivist Jigsaw Project #imapiece. This project is in support of Save The Children’s Race Against Hunger campaign.

If you follow that link to the campaign, the first sentence is this:

Every hour of every single day, 300 children die because they don’t get enough of the right food.

300 children die. Every hour. Of every day. Think about that for a moment. That’s more than 2,5 million children every year. Let’s put that in perspective: in my native country of Denmark there’s around 5 million people, so that would be like half the population dying every year.

And these are children, innocent children. Dying unnecessarily because they do not get the right food. Or any food for that matter.

It may seem like an impossible task to do something about this as a single person. And it is. But if many individuals get together, they can change the world. But the change starts with those individuals.

Because we are all a piece of the puzzle. And this is the idea behind the Jigsaw Project.

At #imapiece launch

The Save The Children campaign aims to urge David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the UK, to push the other world leaders at the G8 2013 summit (which will be held here in the UK) to commit to do something about this.

Because something can be done about this, it is preventable! The way food is produced must be changed and to do that, solutions must come from the politicians, they must put pressure on food producers to make changes.

At #imapiece launch

Anyway. Back to the Craftivist Jigsaw Project. It’s something anyone can get involved in and it’s crafty too! On Tuesday everyone was given a pack like the one in the photo. It contained a fabric puzzle piece and some information about the project.

The puzzle piece is the key thing here, that’s the crafty part: everyone who wants to get involved will stitch one or more pieces, decorating them with a message relating to the campaign.

Ideally everyone will stitch atleast 3 pieces:
– one to keep, to remind themselves of the importance of the project
– one to send off to be part of an artwork installation of thousands (!!) of similar pieces which will raise awareness for the project
– one to send to their local MP – this is to tell our politicians that we are concerned about this. And MPs work for us, you know! It’s their job to then put pressure on David Cameron to get his world leader buddies to do something to put an end to this atrocity.

At #imapiece launch

I hope you’ll join the project! The more people who get involved, the greater impact it will have. We can make a change, we have to, because we’re all a piece of the puzzle.

Even if you’re not in the UK, please join too. World hunger concerns all of us.

#imapiece – will you be one too?

See this page with information about the project and this post on the Craftivist Collective blog for a template to make the puzzle pieces.

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