Danish goodie haul

Danish magazines
Whenever we go to Denmark I always pick up a few goodies and magazines. This time I brought back a few more magazines than normal because some of them you could buy 2 different ones in a pack, for the price of one. How could I pass that up? So a bit of Danish reading came home with me. And a German one which I picked up at a (German) petrol station.

Goodies from Denmark
And goodies!

Pålægschokolade, of course.

Different types of liquorice because you just can’t get proper, i.e. salty, liquorice here in the UK. Unless you buy it from speciality shops which import it, but then it’s really expensive! My parents had also bought me some big (500grams!) bags of liquorice. Obviously, no one should eat that much liquorice in one go, but once the bag is open..well.. usually all bets are off, I have no liquorice self-control whatsoever! ;-)

But when I open one of those giant bags, I divide the liquorice into small zip-loc bags. That way it’ll last longer. I love that the sweet brand called Katjes do several types of sweets without animal gelatin. Yay! :-)

I also bought some pita because this particular one tastes really nice and the taste reminds me of my childhood…

Knækbrød (crisp bread) is available in the UK, but it’s not as nice as the Wasa type.

Ga-Jol lakrids
Ok, I’m not even going to tell you exactly how many of these little packs of liquorice I brought home… I don’t actually eat them very often. But they are really really nice when you have a cold! Although I don’t plan on getting a cold anytime soon, it’s nice to be prepared, right? ;-)

Fabrics from Hawaii
Ohh fabric! I didn’t buy this. My sister did! She lived in Hawaii for about a year, and when we were all in Denmark was shortly before she moved back to California. So she brought over some fabrics for my mum and me. Love that green one with the white flowers! :-)

PS – thank you so much for your sweet comments on my last post!! xo

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