Decluttering. It’s good for you.

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This morning I’ve been going through some more things to get the falt a bit more organised and such. It’s pretty amazing how much STUFF that accumulates over time. And it’s not even like we’re shopaholics or hoarders.. It feels quite good to let go of some of these things.

There’s both aspirational and emotional clutter, as well as just general clutter. I think letting go of the aspirational and emotional clutter is the hardest, because that’s where you’re most attached to things.

I once bought some knitting needles because I thought I’d learn to knit properly – that never happened. So the knitting needles have been sitting in a box for years. Not sure why I had such difficulty getting rid of them. “I paid good money for them”, possibly. Or “one day I really will use them”. Yeah neither of those reasons are very good.

Same with emotional clutter. I bought a gocco printer some years ago but I never really used it. I sold it to someone else, so it’s not the printer itself that’s the emotional clutter. The ephemera, like envelopes and greeting cards, that I printed with the gocco. Just sittin’ in a box. Because I couldn’t let go of it. Maybe because.. actually I don’t really know why!

Maybe I should have taken photos of the things I’m getting rid of, whether by donating, selling or disposing off. As reminder to not let stuff pile up again. I’m pretty committed to this decluttering lark now. I even tell Tony off if he leaves random bits of paper lying around! ;-)

Anyhoo – there will be some paintings and watercolours in the shop later this week. The ones I can (polar) bear to part with…

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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