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paintings in my shop

As I mentioned, I’ve got a few paintings to sell. A slight obsession with polar bears, much? ;-) The small paintings are just $20 and the two large (upper right and lower left corners) are just $25. Not bad for an original painting on canvas, eh!

Tony and I have decided to sell the flat despite it not being worth as much as we had hoped. At this point we’ll be happy if we can sell it for what we still owe on the mortgage. If we can’t sell it for that… then we’re not going anywhere… So keep your fingers crossed for us, please!!

watercolours in my shop

Selling the paintings and these Happyscape watercolours will help in a small way by paying for the solicitor. Or part of it anyway.. solicitors don’t come cheap! It’s actually a little scary with all this home selling/buying. So many things that have to turn out just so. I fear some sleepless nights may be ahead.. but it’ll all turn out ok in the end. Just because it has to, right? ;-)

At the moment you will save 20% off anything in my shop if you spend over $20. (If you spend exactly $20 or less, there’s no saving.) And if you spend over $30 you’ll save 25%. There’s no code to enter, the discount will be applied automatically. So now you can really get a bargain on all those things I’m destashing, yay! :-) This discount is valid until January 31st.

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  1. Wendy Ward
    January 25, 2013 / 6:57 am

    fingers toes and everything else crossed -good luck ,Wendy

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