Books. I ♥ you.

Book shelf
I’ve decided that I want to read more this year. Whether I’ll actually accomplish that..well, we’ll see. ;-)

But I could use some nice book recommendations! That shelf there shows most of the things I like reading about. Although one type that is missing from that particular shelf is historical fiction. I looooove historical fiction. Recently I’ve been reading through the books by Sharon Penman, I’m loving those. As soon as I finish one, I want to read the next one!

I also love artist biographies, art, design, drawing, creativity.. well, lot’s of stuff really. What books have you read lately? Anything you can recommend? I’m open to different types of books!

I used to read sooo many books when I was in school. I would go to the library on Thursday evening, and usually stay there the whole time it was open (which was only two hours, but still.. no one else I knew did that!).

Going through the shelves looking for the next gem. And it would not be unusual for the librarians to find me sitting on the floor with a pile of books next to me. I was there so often that they knew me by name and they knew what kind of books I liked. Even back then I loved historical fiction.

Books. I ♥ you.

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